Living room

1 large rug, 3 canvases, 1 large mirror, 1 large canvas, 1 buddha statue, 1 dining table bowl, 1 LCD TV with remote control, 1 DVD Player with remote control, 1 Sky Satellite Receiver with remote control, 1 Freeview card inside Sky sat receiver, 1 High Chair, 1 Buddha wall art, 4 Cushions, 2 Vases, 1 Ornate Plate, 1 Ornate Clock


1x10 dinner set, 1x6 tea set, 6 x black mugs, 6 x coloured mugs, 6 x wine glasses, 6 x champagne glasses, 3 beer glasses, 4 large glasses, 6 small glasses, 1 water jug, 1.5x4 pack knives, spoons, forks, 1 teapot, 1 milk jug, 1 sugar bowl, 2 x scissors, 4 baking dishes, 1 strainer, 5 saucepans, 2 frying pans, 1x6 place mats, 1x6 coasters, salad bowl, salad servers, fruit bowl, Tray, Tea towels, washing up brush, washing up bowl, dish rack, Broom, Dustpan, Mop, Coffee machine, 2 x chopping boards, mop bucket, brushed steel pedal bin, bin liners, toaster & kettle set, Tongs, can opener, starter set, utensils pack, 3 storage jars, Iron, ironing board, clothes airer


Master bedroom

1 Cot with mattress, 2 lamps, 1 large bed spread, 1 large blanket, Min 4 super king flat sheets, 2 single valances, Min 6 pillow cases, Min 4 pillows, 1 Super king mattress protector, 4 pillow protectors, 2 decorative cushions, 2 matching floral canvases, 1 small synthetic rug - brown, 15 hangers, 1 large vase

Master bathroom

1 bath mat, 1 toilet brush, 1 bin, Min 4 hand towels, Min 4 bath towels

Guest bedroom

1 lamp, 4 small bed spreads, 2 small blankets, Min 8 flat sheets, 2 single valances, Min 4 pillow cases, Min 4 pillows, 2 single mattress protectors, 4 pillow protectors, 1 large canvas, 1 small synthetic rug – brown, 15 hangers

Guest bathroom

1 bath mat, 1 toilet brush, 1 bin, Min 2 hand towels, Min 2 bath towels


Door mats, Spare dishes, Curtains (all windows and patio), Patio set




Air Conditioning

The main control panel for the air conditioning can be found on the lounge wall. The reception can provide a full manual if required. The following is some key parts from that manual …


aircon 2.png
aircon 3.png
air con 4.png